Friday, 27 June 2008

a thought from the LTEA (Inquiry in a networked world) conference

A very short snippet from me:
The LTEA conference this week was a rich source of ideas for TASH. One that particularly struck me was how well the TASH resource will work with the "Student as Scholar" ethos, helping students to have the right skills to "seek out new knowledge", and developing student confidence in those skills. These were just two of the aspirations (there were many more) raised up by David Hodge in his Plenary talk.

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Tim said...

Yes indeed - it was a rich conference in terms of resources, whether they're counted as people, ideas, materials, or anything else. I agree that the "student as scholar" model offered by David's keynote. I have more than a few reservations about the developmental framework to which he welded his ideas - surely we can't assume that all or even most 18-year-olds don't have the cognitive resources to engage in independent construction of knowledge? But this is stuff for a much longer conversation, and I'd fully agree that different students at different stages of their learning journey require different support; my quarrel would be a structure that mapped 18-year-old onto Level One onto in need of lectures.