Thursday, 19 June 2008

Bouncing bean!

Thought the meeting this morning was very inspiring. Bounced back to my office full of beans and a list of things to do (Tim what did you put in the muffins again?) Forgive my perchant for playing devil's advocate regarding the project. I'm just very keen to see it succeed and therefore like to make sure 'we' are prepared for any obstacles we are likely to face. My experience of previous instituitional initiatives is that they are excellent but can quickly get lost in the day-to-day teaching in departments. My 'negative' perspectives are only a consequence of some of the rebuffs I've faced trying to incorporate independent learning into teaching in my department. I don't want the same ill fate to befall TASH.

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Willy Kitchen said...

Thanks for this, Kath. As Tim indicates also, devilish advocates are more than welcome here - and indeed one of our key motivations in seeking to pull you and Linda on board was to ensure not only multidiciplinarity in the project but, equally as important, that the voice of reason and experience from life in larger full-time, including those with very particular challenges (ACSE's very large overseas intake being one very good example of this), was at the heart of the project, constantly watching for overzealous or naive optimism in any of its many diverting forms! Someone to watch out for unfeasibly long sentences would be good too.