Thursday, 26 June 2008

Feedback from Faculty of Science and Medicine

Willy and I amalgamated our groups (primarily because there were no medics at the meeting). I'll pop down the points I recall but feel free to chip in, Willy!

  • As with the other faculties there appears to be a desire to embed the resource into the curriculum somehow.
  • Resources should be both specific and generic-i.e. as well as generic resources to help students develop good grammar and syntax there could also be resources such as a guide to writing a lab report.
  • For students and staff to value the resource there needs to be some clear discipline relevance-it was therefore proposed that perhaps each department should make a list of say 5 resources they would like their students to have available to them.
  • Chris Stokes and Julian Burton were highlighted as key staff to speak to in the Faculty of Medicine.
  • There was also a valuable suggestion that we should get the Medical Soceity on board for some student input.
  • The Learning Advocates in Pure Science are a group that meets regularly and has disseminated many excellent resources to develop independent learning in students and therefore are worth contacting.
  • Ed Warminski and Kath Linehan have offered several resources for the project which should be relevant to students/staff in Pure Science and Medicine.

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Willy Kitchen said...

Thanks for these, Kath. I was rather hoping you might go first as I've been rather caught up with other things ... but fully intend to blog my impressions (and of the LTEA conference) early-ish next week.