Friday, 12 September 2008

Medical Faculty developments

Hi from the Medical Faculty,

Not being able to make the general update meeting next week (I've got a note from my Doctor), I thought I'd update the TASH blog on the meetings I have had so far.

Both Professor Shelagh Brumfitt (Chair of Teaching Committee, Human Communications Science) and Dr Angela Fairclough (Chair of Teaching Committee, Dentistry) have cheerfully given up their time to talk to me about what they see as possible directions for TASH. Although I met them individually, there was a surprising similarity in the responses I got. Either there is some cheating going on, or the issues within the Medical Faculty surrounding the provision of Academic Skills are fairly similar.

In both onversations I have had, skills already identified by stakeholders in TASH were discussed (note-taking, letter writing and presenting seem popular), and then the issue of skills for both professional and interprofessional working were identified. In particular, the attitudes and skills that are necessary when working in teams. These are critical for the delivery of health care, and I am now attempting to clarify which skills TASH should prioritise for the Medical Faculty. Some resources have already been identified which I am in the process of checking out, and both departments have reported that they think that TASH resources can easily be placed into the curricula when available.

I would like to thanks both Shelagh and Angela for their time. Next stop, the Medical School!

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