Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Pure Science Learning Advocates on Board!

I had a very constructive meeting this lunchtime with the Learning Advocates (LAs) in Pure Science. Lots of useful suggestions were made about how TASH can move forward.

  • The LAs would like to see a resource that is generic but is 'tagged' in a discipline way.
  • All are keen to help embed the TASH project into their curriculum but feel that intro week is perhaps not the best time to launch it.
  • The LAs feel that demonstrations of the resource (either complete or in prototype format) would encourage other academics to buy into the resource.
  • It was suggested that the TASH project could become part of the induction projects or 'learning trails' that currently run in some departments.
  • All LAs are going to provide the project team with 5 skills they feel need addressing in their department, any resources they currently have available to develop independent learning and feedback on how TASH should be promoted in the University.

It was great to have so much enthusiasm and support for the project. Thanks.

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