Monday, 28 April 2008

Getting the ball rolling... see what it looks like, as much as anything else. Thanks again for an extremely useful meeting today, and I hope we continue to be equally productive and on-task in future.

One of the many aspects of the project that we didn't explore today, and which we might benefit from working through in the near future, is the possibility of different pitches to different interest groups. For example, what do we want to emphasise when we're talking to:
  • academics?
  • central services?
  • students?
  • colleagues in the department and school?
Clearly, all of these can be sub-divided, and the list isn't exhaustive. I just wanted to flag up one of my main lessons from the first generic skills meeting, that in order to get the big-boat, broad-church appeal we're hoping for, we might need to discuss what is likely to be most attractive for the various participants.

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